12 Things You Should Know About SwissCoin

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What You Should Know About SwissCoin:

  1. Secure and traceable cryptocurrency
  2. Total 10 billion Swisscoin, no more, no less, EVER! (inflation protected)
  3. 100 million FREE Swisscoin to the 1 million members
  4. 100 Million Swisscoins to merchants to the 1 million merchants
  5. Based out of Switzerland with Swiss CEO (company located in the new cryptovalley Canton, Switzerland)
  6. 5,000 Founding partners backing the coin
  7. Unique Hybrid Marketing Plan (no „dead legs“, One team, One qualifiction, daily payout)
  8. Peoples coin, Education packages from €25
  9. Always FREE registration
  10. FREE „paperwallet“ for your Swisscoin
  11. All members Swisscoin are insuranced for FREE

12 Things You Should Know About SwissCoin

swisscoin value chart
swisscoin blockchain

Swisscoin VS. International money transfers


Money transfer is a common thing in our connected society today. People are working abroad and send money back home to relatives and family with services like Western Union and Money Gram. These services makes a lot of commission every year, they can charge anything between 7% and 22% fee per transaction. With the technology Swisscoin uses, we enable a whole new payment system (Peer-to-Peer) and cuts out the third-party (money gram, paypal, western union) of the transaction. Swisscoin offers a transaction that only takes minutes with the lowest possible fee.

It also enable banking through your mobile phone which gives the 2 billion unbanked a chance to be a part of the world banking system.


12 Things You Should Know About SwissCoin

swisscoin crypto valley


The product that Swisscoin offers to its members is different level of education packages; with these packages you’ll get a high rated education in cryptocurrency, trading and finance. The educate package price ranges is between €25 to € 15,000.

With every package purchase you will receive a bonus of “tokens”, these tokens are used to generate your Swisscoin from the system. Depending on package size you also have a certain number of splits (1 – 3 splits), these splits are very beneficial for you.

Say you purchase the € 1,000 package, you’ll get 10000 Tokens and 2 splits. This will give you the total of 40,000 Tokens after the 2 splits. (10,000 x 2 x 2 = 40, 000 tokens)

At this writing moment the Swisscoin mining is also at the low difficulty Level 4 (4 token => 1 Swisscoin) , so 40,000 tokens will give you 10,000 Swisscoin after mining. This is the real GOLDEN opportunity, since the difficulty rate will only go higher and higher and it going to need more tokens per coin further on.

Lets say you now have 10,000 Swisscoin, with todays value of €1,500. The real profit comes when the value goes to €1 and above. Imaging a € 1,000 investment giving you € 40,000 in less then a year….

But then you might say, € 1,000 is way to much for my wallet, that’s ok! Any amount will give you profit at the moment.

Purchasing the €25 package, get 200 tokens, 1 split = 400 tokens = 400 Swisscoin = value of € 400 at the coin price of € 1. You see, any amount will give you a good profit!

12 Things You Should Know About SwissCoin

As expected, there was the second split of cryptocurrency Swisscoin on November 28.

SwissCoin Price

In the beginning of the way, the Swisscoin Price was only 3 cents. After the second split, the price rose to 8 cents and so, after a small period of time, there was a new race and the course of Swisscoin reached 15 cents.

The currency is still young, but very promising, which soon will not be inferior to such giants of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, litecoin, dogcon.

Swisscoin was founded by a Swiss company that gives us the right to judge 100% the quality and legality of this cryptocurrency.

The project has a number of advantages, even in comparison with all known cryptocurrencies: first – it can be started and developed in all countries of the world; second – high rates of cryptocurrency Swisscoin MLM provide an opportunity to develop it to a new level with the new promotion strategy.

Once well known bitcoin was developing with the same progressiveness . Many successful entrepreneurs, who started their business with investment in bitcoin, continue to increase their capital, only with the cryptocurrency Swisscoin.

If you failed to invest your money when bitcoin started to develop, do not worry. You have this opportunity now with Swisscoin.

Every year there are more and more types of cryptocurrency, that may displace existing banks. They just will not be necessary, as the world would be ruled by electronic money.

Therefore, the interest in the new cryptocurrency from investors who understand the business, earning money and watching over the new financial systems is obvious and easy to explain. After the pre-launch period, the project Swisscoin was able to gain a huge number of users, more than 300 thousand people and it’s only for 2 months. What a grand and promising development awaits this currency in the near future, it is difficult to imagine and predict. But the fact is that someone will be able to increase the savings and is not obviously refutable.

You can congratulate those who took a chance and bought Swisscoin for just 3 cents. And now, these people sit and enjoy the continued growth of the cryptocurrency looking forward to an incredible profit. After all, the Swisscoin Price is continuing to grow multiplying our investment.

And for those who wants to join the ranks of rich people and acquire a constantly growing cryptocurrency or to watch from the sidelines as increasing the budget of other people you could wish for: don’t waste your chance, invest correctly and on time, while Swisscoin is at the very beginning of its development.

SwissCoin Price

How Mining Works



For most users of cryptocurrencies it is not necessary to understand how the mining process in itself works, but it is fundamentally important to understand that there is a mining process to create the virtual currency. Unlike currencies as we know them today where governments and banks can simply choose to print unlimited amounts (Not saying they do so, just a point), cryptocurrencies has to be mined by users using a mining program that solves sophisticated algorithms in order to release blocks of coins that can go into circulation.

How does mining work ?

how does mining work

This is part that makes the cryptocurrencies unique, as there is nobody who can simply press a button and get unlimited coins. Everybody can compete equally while mining coins, by buying the same equipment as one another.  The different cryptocurrencies uses different types of algorithms in order for the blocks to be released, but in general it is not something that you should be using your computer to do as it takes specific equipment to mine and it will provide you with a huge electricity bill compared to the profits you will be able to make from it. It is also worth noting that the more coins that has been mined from a cryptocurrency, the more difficult it gets to release new blocks and thus get new coins. The algorithms has been made this way, to ensure that all the coins would not be mined instantly and leave room for the currency to stabilize and not be over populated from the beginning, thus not having any significant value for anyone besides the miners.

SwissCoin Login

Cryptocurrencies have a limited amount of coins that can be mined and once they have all been mined, there will be no more of them being created as it is virtually impossible. This means that when all 21 million Bitcoins has been mined, they will be the only coins in circulation forever and no further Bitcoins will be added to the system. Same goes for all other cryptocurrencies, which is why many people see them as a good alternative to the currencies we have today that is based on nothing but goodwill between countries in order to ensure the value of the currency doesn’t fluctuate.

There are two simple steps in the mining process for cryptocurrencies, which we will be describing below as user-friendly as possible. Please bear in mind that we do need to use some technical terms in order to correctly describe how it works.

Please be aware that it is currently quite difficult to mine coins for a profit, as equipment, electricity and so on will cost you more than to simply buy a Bitcoin or similar. Instead we suggest that you have a look at different cryptocurrency exchange sites, where you can buy cryptocurrencies easily with your money and save the hassle of having to mine.

Some of the most popular and trusted sites to purchase Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies includes Coinbase, Cryptsy and AlfaCashier, where you can easily purchase, store and sell your cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Mining Program

The very first thing you need in order to start mining coins is to obtain the mining program that is associated with the cryptocurrency that you want to mine. For the larger coins you can find different mining programs that all share the same mining pool, while the smaller coins usually just have one mining client, which also works as the wallet of the coin. Simply download the mining program, install it and you are ready for the next step.

When you first download the mining program it will have to connect to the network and synchronize with it. This can take everything from a few minutes and up to several hours, depending on how many blocks you need to solve first before you can synchronize. Once the synchronization is done then you are basically ready to mine.

All you need to do from here is to go to the mining part of the wallet, enter the values you want to have and press the „start mining“ button. The system will then begin to „mine“ for coins and depending on your system you will see some results within a couple of days. Start Mining HERE

swisscoin review

Cryptocurrency Algorithms

Each cryptocurrency has made a decision regarding which algorithm they wish to use to mine their coins, before they are created. There are two different algorithms that are used for almost all the coins that is in existence today, which is the SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms. They are both very difficult to mine with, becoming increasingly difficult the more coins that has been mined. We have gathered a small explanation of how the algorithms work exactly, so you can understand mining a little better:


The SHA-256 algorithm is the first algorithm that was used with a cryptocurrency, when the Bitcoin was created using it. SHA-2 which the SHA-256 is under is created by the National Security Agency (NSA) and was published in 2001. SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm, which makes fine sense for cryptocurrencies as you will need to solve the hash algorithms in order to release coins. The more coins that will be mined, the harder the hash algorithms will become as it is originally used as a security system tool for companies and governments.


The Scrypt algorithm that cryptocurrencies use is a „proof-of-work“ algorithm, which is basically using the same idea behind the Scrypt algorithm, but is targeted against releasing blocks rather than block an attack. Scrypt is a key derivation function which was created by Colin Percival, created to require large amounts of memory on a computer performing large scale custom hardware attacks. It was released in 2012 and was quickly used by cryptocurrencies for mining coins as another way than the SHA-256 algorithm that Bitcoin used. Scrypt is seen as a better algorithm for miners as you can buy equipment that will significantly improve your performance compared the SHA-256 where you cannot buy equipment to make ideal mining.

How To Mine on your own…

SwissCoin Review and Expectation(Not recommend as it will cost you more to produce, than you get out….)

So, use a Mining Pool and „produce“ your coins in a community. My favorite program is SwissCoin.

Register for free and get 100 Coins for free HERE.

>>Read more about the Business Plan<<


Starting to mine your own cryptocurrency is on the surface quite simple as it only takes a computer, internet and a mining software to begin doing so. If you dig a little deeper however, you will find out that it is not anywhere near easy to mine coins, as they are using sophisticated algorithms for the coins mining process, which makes it harder and harder to mine coins the more that has already been mined.

While we are not experts in mining ourself, we do understand the process of optimizing the mining procedure and make it a little more worth your time than it otherwise would be. There are different aspects to take into consideration before mining, the main one being that your electricity bill may increase a lot while mining.

Mining is a long term investment and can pay of quite well if you do it right, but first you need to look at some of the things you should consider before starting to mine:

Mining Software

First thing to do is to find the mining software for the cryptocurrency you want to mine. Most cryptocurrencies will only have one mining client, which is part of the wallet where you can hold the coins, while the big ones like Bitcoin may have different clients to mine through. So once you have found out which mining client you want to use, you will need to register your details with the client and synchronize with the network. This may take everything from a few minutes and up to several hours, all depending on the amount of blocks that the system have calculate before you are completely synchronized.

From there you have to go to the mining part of the software and enter the values you wish to mine for. If you don’t know what to enter, then you can simply use the default settings and start mining that way. Last thing to do is to press the start mining button and you are mining for coins.  The result however will vary a lot based on the mining hardware you are using and if you are part of a mining pool or not. You can read more about that later on in this article.

Mining Hardware

The next thing you need to focus on is the hardware which you are using to mine the cryptocurrency with. Using a regular computer’s CPU to mine with will work, but it is nowhere near as effective as if you decide to buy equipment that is made to help you mine coins faster.

So if you are serious about your mining, you will need to go out and invest in specific mining hardware in other for you to be able to compete with other miners and eventually score a large amount of coins for your efforts. There are several sites that specializes in the mining hardware for cryptocurrencies, who can show you exactly what performance you will get out of buying specific hardware for your computer. What you will need to look for is how many millions of hashes it will do per second and how much electricity it will be using, so you can calculate the costs contra profit from your mining.

The best mining hardware is currently ASIC, which can provide you with up to 1,000 more hashes per second than any other type of equipment. The hashes is what will release blocks that you can mine and is the most difficult part of the mining. Therefore the more hashes your equipment can go through, the higher is your chances of actually getting any blocks to mine and thus get coins.

Mining Pools

The last thing you should know before you start to mine is the importance of joining a mining pool. Mining alone can be done, but it will not reward you the same way as if you join a mining pool as you will be mining together. Mining pools rewards smaller amount of coins at a time than if you would mine on your own, but you will get coins on a regular level compared to when you mine alone, making it more profitable for most miners.

You can find several different mining pool sites online, where some have high requirements to the miners they accept into their pools, while other mining pools are for everybody. Furthermore by joining a pool the algorithms you have to solve will be easier and smaller, which is ideal for you as a new miner until you understand the entire process and have upgraded your equipment.

swisscoin review


How does Swisscoin work and what is the Expectation ?


This SwissCoin Quick Guide and SwissCoin Tutorial will help you getting started with SwissCoin Mining.



Where are my 100 Free SwissCoins ?

As soon as you activate your account, you can see the 100 Free SwissCoins on your Dashboard.

To claim this free SwissCoins you need a E-Wallet !

With Your first purchase of a Pack your E-Wallet is activated.

Create Your Free Account

1. Step:

Create Your Free Account or Login to your existing Account !

Follow this Link:

Sign Up and create your free Account.

swisscoin quick guide


SwissCoin User Registration

Fill Out your:

  • User Name

  • E-mail

  • Country

  • Create Your Password

  • Confirm Your Password

„Accept the Terms…“

Press „Submit“

If you did everything right, you will see this page with your registration data :

(I recommend to print it out or make a screenshot and keep it at a safe place for the case you forgot your passwords)

SwissCoin Registration Confirmation

Scroll Down and click the Login Button

SwissCoin Login


2. Step

Now The SwissCoin Dashboard will appear :

SwissCoin Dashboard

Go to „Basic Data“ in the left main menu and select „My Data

Click on „Edit Account

SwissCoin Edit Account

Fill out the missing Datas….

Scroll down to the end of the page and click „Update Profile

SwissCoin Update Profile


3. Step

Buying Packs

Click on „Shop“ in the left main menu and select „Buying Packs

SwissCoin Buying Packs

Purchase your Pack by clicking on „Add To Cart

Then click on „My Cart“ and select „Checkout

SwissCoin Checkout Cart

At the next page select your payment method and follow the instructions….

SwissCoin Payment Method

Depending by the payment method it can take a few days till the money appears in your E-Wallet…

Now I wish you very much success with SwissCoin


4. Step

Share your Link and promote your Business !!

Build a big Team and earn big commissions.

You can find your Referral-Link in the main menu.

Go to „Basic Data“ and select „My Data„…

SwissCoin Referral Link

Copy Your „Replication Link“ and share it with your friends and business partners.

I hope this little Guide will help you to make a quick start with SwissCoin.



SwissCoin Quick Guide and SwissCoin Tutorial by DigitalDirk®

SwissCoin Expectation :

This is my personally SwissCoin Review about the past 3 Month…

…and Expectation for the Future

Since the launch in early 2016 the first Split happened in September 2016 and the worth of the SwissCoin

grows from  0,03€ up to 0,08€   within the first Split.

SwissCoin Review and Expectation

In Summer 2016 I invested in several Packs. All Packs together were an Investment about 1.000€.

So, the worth of my SwissCoins with an Investment of only 1.000€ increased up to 1.600€ !!

The next Split will come soon (today the splitindicator shows 58%) and I expect a worth of the coin of 0,30€ by end of 2016.

That means my Investment of 1.000€ will be worth 6.000€ !!!!

And that is just the beginning…

In 2017 is a worth of 1,00€ expected

That means my Investment of 1.000€ will be worth 20.000€ !!!!

In 2018 is a worth of 2,50€ expected

That means my Investment of 1.000€ will be worth 50.000€ !!!!

In 2019 is a worth of 5,00€ expected

That means my Investment of 1.000€ will be worth 100.000€ !!!!

In 2020 is a worth of 10,00€ expected

That means my Investment of 1.000€ will be worth 200.000€ !!!!

How is that possible ?

Because I invested in the early beginning of SwissCoin, when the Difficulty Level was low (1) and the price of the coin very small.

The Difficulty Level is still very low ( Today the Difficulty Level is 2) and the price of the SwissCoin is 0,08€ today (October 2016).

If you want to make big money you should start and invest immediately!!!

Additional you can generate a big income with referring new people into the business. Read more about the Business Plan HERE:

swisscoin review

How does SwissCoin work ?

Watch my Video “ SwissCoin – How does it work with Mining, Token, Splitindicator“ :

„Click“ the Image :

SwissCoin - How does it work?

swisscoin review

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