6 Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress Blog

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6 Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress Blog

So you have your website set up but how do you start making money with it?

How do you monetize your site? I have seen the question in chat and forums from new members asking how can I actually make money with my blog and that is what I will cover in this training.

In this tutorial I will talk about:

Who is your customer and what problem are you solving?

6 Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress blog:

  • Affiliate programs

  • Adsense ads and other advertising programs

  • Building a list

  • Amazon products

  • Relevant advertisers

  • Create your own product

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Who Is Your Customer and What Problem Are You Solving?

Two important things to make sure you know are:

1. Who is your customer

2. What problem are you solving

To try and explain this a little better I will give you an example.

My first product that I promoted was a natural colic product for infants. The natural product would ease the stomach ache for babies, it would also help with the babies gas problems and this would lead to a happier baby.

I researched websites that talked about colic. I visited forums and chats where parents could talk about their issues, I borrowed books at the library… I have two kids myself so I had some real life experience as well.

What I found out was that my customer is a woman, mother, age 24 – 35… I created a profile of the typical ”customer”.

The problem I was solving was an emotional problem for the mother and the family. Not being able to help your infant is very difficult for a mother, she feels helpless and wants to do anything she can to ease the pain. The crying also puts a lot of stress on the parents and the rest of the family. So some of the problems I was solving by offering this product were:

Help the mother feel good about ”fixing the problem”.

Get rid of the pain and gas problems for the baby.

Reduce the stress on the whole family

Also around holidays when you have family events the sales went up. The parents want to be able to be around the rest of the family and relatives without a sad, crying baby.

So how did I make money with this site?

1. Affiliate Programs

With my colic site I signed up for affiliate programs. I did a review site and compared the different programs. I found the affiliate programs by typing in the following into Google:

colic + affiliate programs

So your keyword + affiliate program.The first option that shows up is ColicCalm and that is the program that I focused on as my top choice. I had my first sale with ColicCalm I will never forget the $4 I made my family thought I`d won the lottery ;). To me it meant that Internet Marketing worked and it can be done!

Other affiliate marketing programs are:

  • Clickbank

  • Commission Junction

  • ShareaSale

  • BlueSnap used to be Plimus

  • MarketHealth

These are a few that I have used myself and they work great.

2. Adsense Ads and Other Ad Programs

With this site I did not add any Adsense ads but I have other sites that are both a combination of affiliate programs and Adsense ads and I have sites that are plain Adsense Ads sites.

Adsense ads are another way to make money online. You sign up an account with Google Adsense, after approval you can log in and get an ad code that you add to your own site. When you add this ad code ads will show in your post, page or sidebar.

When visitors click on your ads you will get paid for it. The payout to you depends on competition and demand, it varies highly from $0.1 up to $15 – 20 per click.

You are allowed to add 3 ad blocks to every page/post and you can customize it so that it blends in with your theme and content.

I use the plugin ”quick adsense” to make it as easy as possible to add the ads whereever I want them.

What other Ad programs are out there?





Note: If you apply for a new Adsense account you will need your own domain. You can not apply for an Adsense account using a subdomain like

When your account is approved using your own domain you can add Adsense to your site if you would like.

3. Building a List

Another great way to make money with a website is to build a list, by capturing your visitors email addresses. By doing this it allows you to keep in contact with your visitors. By giving them value and solutions to their problems you become the person to go to in this field.

The easiest way to capture an email from a visitor is by giving them something in return for their email address. In this case I put together a small e-book about colic and different ways to ease colic. They got the e-book for free by leaving their email address. This way I could continue staying in contact with the visitor.

The easiest way to stay in contact and to collect emails is by using a program /software that can help you with this. Personally I use Aweber and have done so for years. It is easy to use and it keeps track of your emails, follow up emails and broadcast emails to your different lists.

4. Amazon Products

I also added some more colic products for my review sites, some of the products I got from Since it is a physical product they had a lot of different options to choose from there.

The great thing when you add products from is that you get commission from any other products your visitor buys when you send through purchase. Starting out you will get 4% commission but the more products you sell the higher commission you will get.

In my case the products were not very expensive but if you target more expensive products you can make good money with For example a $1200 TV or camera will give you a $48 with 4% commission. The advantage is as I said before if they purchase anything at all, not even related to your product you still get paid.


5. Relevant Advertisers

Another way to make some money with your site is by contacting relevant companies and ask if they would like to advertise on your site. If this is the direction you want to take I would recommend you have some traffic and stats to show your potential advertisers when you contact them.

A plugin that makes all this very easy that I use myself is OIO publisher, it automates the whole process. You can add the ad blocks where you want them, the advertiser clicks on them and can sign up right there and then, payment can be done through Paypal.

If you want to go the easy way you can go through a company like that will connect the two, website owner and advertiser.

6. Create Your Own Product

If you are completely new to internet marketing I would suggest that you start out with affiliate marketing, when you know how to get traffic and turn that traffic in to buyers then you might want to move on and create your own product.

Don`t get me wrong creating your own product is a great way to make money and it should be a long term goal but getting some experience first will only benefit you.

Now I gave you a taste of 6 ways to make money with your website. If you want to dig deeper down in each of these here are some helpful trainings:

Another great resource on this topic is ”Make Money with WordPress”

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  • To be able to make money you need traffic to your website – 5 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website:

If this is completely new to you then there might be some words or lingo that is not familiar to you, if that is the case check out this Wealthy Affiliate Glossary a lot of the words are explained in there:

Let me know if you have any questions at all, I will be happy to help.

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Best of luck to you!!


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