How To Catch The Big Fish

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I was looking to clean up my photo folders on my Mac as I saw one of my favorite photos and I started to remember that wonderful time when I took the photo at the Huron Lake in Ontario, Canada.

Sunsets 002

Now I want to share this photo with you and tell you the story behind the picture.


I have been there for more than 6 month some years ago for my old job. Yes. Not everything was bad in my old job… LOL. I have seen wonderful places around the world, but that is not what I want to talk about.

This place was my #1 fishing spot. It was so amazing to see the wonderful sunsets over there, that I forgot sometimes that I was there for fishing… But at least I went there for get some fishes for dinner and usually I got enough for my dinner. When the indian summer started (late in summer before autumn starts), I saw the other fishing people got big Rainbow Trouts. I was happy that the season started….. Day by day I saw them catching the big fishes. They took many big trouts out of the water. And me? ….   Nothing! …. Still only the small fishes !!

Next weekend I went to the canadian guys and ask them why they get so much big fishes and me not. Before I got an answer I had have to drink many beers with them, but then they ask me about what bait I use. I usually used worms like most people did over there. He was laughing me and told me that worms are very good, they use worms too, but they use an “additive” he told me. They use worms and fish eggs together, because they have a strong smell and if the trout smells the eggs, they are no more interested in just a worm. It was already late now and after some more beer I went home without starting fishing …. 😉

Next day I went to buy worms and fish eggs. And again I got some small fishes and I already started to thing that there must be more what I’m doing wrong. But then I got a big bite!!!! I got a fish and he did a big fight. My canadian friends gave me some help with a net and I got a big Rainbow Trout. I was so happy about my success. We were laughing and joking very much and I had to drink beer again with my friends till I went home to clean the fish and prepare for BBQ. I invited my friends and we had have a wonderful delicious BBQ with much fun and beer.

I love to remember this wonderful time….

But it takes some years to understand the real meaning of this wonderful time:

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