My1DollarBusiness – How to get started with My1DollarBusiness

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My1DollarBusiness – How to get started with My1DollarBusiness

Before You Sign Up for My1DollarBusiness You need a Sponsor.

Maybe You have already a Sponsor, so please ask him for the Link to Sign Up. If you don’t have a Sponsor you are welcome in my Team. I will add you to our Groups as soon as you signed up, where you get more Help, Info and the latest News about My1DollarBusiness.

To get started click the Button !!

Or click this Link :

Now should this Site appear :


The sitename of your Sponsor should be already included, in my case „dirkwilckens“, if the field is empty ask your sponsor for his sitename !!


Now click CONTINUE !!

Check Your Sponsors Name.

You will find all Info about My1DollarBusiness on this page, scroll down for details…

Then press the green ENROLL Button to sign up !

Join the Email List first so you don’t miss important News.

Fill out Your Datas and Pre-Enroll your Account.

Select Your Plan :

You can start with your $1 Membership or you can directly Level-Up to Phase 1 to receive all the Phase 1 Benefits and you are qualified to receive $2,50 Commission as a Phase 1 Member.

Choose Your Website and User Name :

Choose a website name for your personally My1DollarBusiness website.
Choose your Username and a password.

Fill out Your Member and Contact Info :

For NON US / Canada citizens, if you don’t have a Tax Number use your ID number instead of  Tax Number.

Enter the Security Code and Agree to the Terms and Conditions :

Read the Terms and Conditions, if you agree set the „blue hook“ to the field and SIGN UP !!

Enter your Credit / Debit Card Info :

Enter your Credit / Debit Card Info and your Billing Address.
Authorize the Transaction….

Welcome to My1DollarBusiness !!

Follow the Steps inside you Backoffice and Setup Your Profile !!

Contact Me On Facebook !!

Contact me on Facebook and I will add you to our Groups and will help you with promoting your 


Here is my Facebook link :

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