SwissCoin – Activate Your Token And Start Mining

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Activate Token And Start Mining

1. Buying Packs

SwissCoin - Buying Packs

Select your Package and „Add To Cart

Go to „My Cart“ and follow the payment instructions.


2. Activate Your Packs and Start Mining


SwissCoin - Activate Pack

As soon as the SPLITINDICATOR reached 100% you can activate your Package and start Mining


In the First Split (when the Splitindicator reached 100%) your Token gets doubled !!


You bought a €25 Trainee Pack and got 200 Token.

As soon as your Pack is ready for Mining you get additional 200 Token !!

In the First Split you get one Coin for one Token, so you got already 400 Coins.

Why is it so important to start early ?

Because with every new Split (always when the Splitindicator reached 100% again) it needs more „work“ to produce new Coins. And you will get less than one Coin for one Token, but the Coins will be more worth and you earn with the growing worth of the Coin.

That makes it so awesome to be one of the first and start mining in the first Split !!

Create your Free Account Now and buy your first Pack :


SwissCoin Banner001



Read more about SwissCoin and Mining here:

SwissCoin Cryptocurrency – How does Mining work ?


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  1. Bonjour j ai un compte swisscoin et j aimerai savoir comment miner mes tokens en swisscoin.j ai besoin de faire un retrait j ai deja prouver mon identité mais je ne comprend pas comment faire un virement sur mon compte

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