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Hello SwissCoiner!

After the first split is carried out and the value of

SwissCoin increased from 0.03 to 0.08 €,

the split indicator has already returned to 71% !!

SwissCoin Splitindicator



Did you miss the first split? 

Then I recommend as soon as possible to invest and not to miss another split because the entry conditions are still excellent to achieve huge profits.

swisscoin quick guide



What did you miss with the first split?

Suppose you had invested only 100€, you would buy 1000 tokens that are doubled if you give them into Mining (the token automatically go into mining). So would you have in the first mining at a difficulty of 1, SwissCoins in the ratio 1: 1 to receive. So 2000 SwissCoin that already have a value of 160 €.

With each further split the value of the coins will continue to rise, so it is so important, as early as possible to invest …

Within a short time, a value of several Euros per Coin is expected !!! 

SwissCoin Review and Expectation

Early investment and patience will bring you huge profits …

Login or register now and invest for a secure future.

swisscoin quick guide


Sharing is caring!

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