SwissCoin Cryptocurrency – Splitindicator grows – 3. Split is coming soon

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The Splitindicator of SwissCoin Cryptocurrency is growing fast. The next Split will happen soon


SwissCoin is a new fast growing Cryptocurrency. Because how the Mining Technology works, it is much more cheap to mine new coins in the beginning.


The first Split already happens in September 2016. Today the Splitindicator shows 58%, that means the next Split will happen soon !!Splitindicator


What does it mean for you ?

With every new Split the worth of the SwissCoin will grow. That means you can purchase the Coins in the beginning (NOW) very cheap and you will have the biggest results.



How does it work ?

To get started you can buy Packs. It starts from 25€, 50€, 100€…. and the biggest Pack is about 15.000€.

For this Packs you will receive Token in return.

  • 25€ Pack        200 Token

  • 50€ Pack        500 Token

  • 100€ Pack    1000 Token

  • …and so on

SwissCoin Packs bildschirmfoto-2016-10-02-um-10-58-12 bildschirmfoto-2016-10-02-um-10-58-27


As soon as the next Split happens (when the Splitindicator reach 100%) SwissCoin will double the amount of Token and give it automatically into the Mining Process !



Difficulty Level :

SwissCoin Difficulty Level

As I mentioned before it will be more difficult to „produce“ new coins with every new Split. This is depending buy the technology of the mining process.

Now we are waiting for the 2. Split, that means the Difficulty Level is 2 now (October 2016).

The Difficulty Level is the Divider of your Token when you give it to the Mining Process.

i.e.:  you have 2.000 Token   devide with 2   =   1000 SwissCoin



Example :

SwissCoin 100€ PackIn the case you bought a pack for 100€ before the first Split when the Difficulty Level was 1….

  • you got 1.000 Token

  • doubled from SwissCoin to 2.000 Token

  • you have 2.000 SwissCoin in Mining now

The worth of the SwissCoin increases from 0,03€ up to 0,08€

2.000  x  0,08€   :   Difficulty Level (1)   =   160€


With only one Split you earned already 160% of your Investment.

And this will happen with every new Split again and again.

That is the reason why starting in the beginning is so important !!



When the worth of the Coin reach 1€, your investment of 100€ is worth already 1000€



Do you remember what happens with the Bitcoin in just a few years ?

The worth of Bitcoin increases up to $1.000 in very short time.


Imagine the worth of the SwissCoin will reach 100€ !

Your Investment of 100€ (before first Split) will be worth 200.000€ !!!!

If you start today it will still be worth 100.000€ !!!!


Start as early as you can to make the biggest earning of this amazing Cryptocurrency

Start Today and get

100 Coins Welcome Bonus:


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