SwissCoin – Get 100 Free Coins and get started with SwissCoin

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From Now There is NO activation Fee till END of 2016 !!


and Get Your 100 Coins For FREE !!!


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Claim your 100 free SwissCoins

This is your Chance to get in something very big For Free…



Swisscoin gives away 100 Million Coins for free to the first Members.

Join for free now and claim your 100 Coins which can be worth hundreds or thousands of $ in near Future.

Did you follow the success of Bitcoin ?
I missed the chance to participate in Bitcoins when they started. People who started from the beginning with Bitcoins got very wealthy with it…

Here is your Chance to do same with SwissCoin !!

And You can join it for free and as soon as you are registered you will have already your first 100 Coins in your Account.

It will start from the June, 4’th 2016. From that day you just have to follow how your 100 Coins get more and more worth…

Register Now and claim your 100 Free Coins:


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8 thoughts on “SwissCoin – Get 100 Free Coins and get started with SwissCoin

    1. Hello,

      as soon as SwissCoin goes into public trading and you have activated your account, you will have access to the Free Coins.
      I recommend to wait as long as possible, because SwissCoin just started the worth of the coins is still small, but it will grow with every new split.
      We started with a worth of the coin at 0,03€ and since today it is already 0,12€.
      If you wait till the worth is 1€ or above, you make a good deal.
      CryptoCurrency is a long time Investment and needs time. If you invest today, you can earn pretty much money in a year…
      If you only want to double or triple your money you can make a short time investment, but I really recommend to invest long time and you can get your money back 100 times or more worth….

  1. Dear DigitalDirk: After submitting my ID and Electricity Bill documents and then funds in Euros
    through SWIFT T.T. for buying a package, my KYC form still states „PENDING VERIFICATION“.
    Why is verification not complete? What more do I need to do so that I continue with the
    swisscoin operations? Could someone help out there? HOW DO I CONTACT THE SUPPORT
    TEAM? Thanks. William.

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