SwissCoin Price and Expectation – How will SwissCoin go on ?

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What can we expect about the SwissCoin Price in Future ?

15€ – 20€ Worth of SwissCoin Expected in 2 Years !!


SwissCoin is going to be a decentralized blockchain on the 1th of August 2017, meaning we will be fully public at that time and we will be traded on the public exchange.

Where will the SwissCoin Price go ?

We have 700.000.000 (700 million) swisscoins left to sell before they run out, and this will be done in the next 7-8 months (before IPO)

Since we now have decreased the total amount to 2 billion coin the value is expected to shoot through the roof much faster than the prognoses say.

Personally I believe that in two years time we will se a value close to €15-€20 and we have all the possebility in the world to go even higher than €100 in the next 3-5. Just imagine the potential earnings when cashing out, this is huuuuge.. 😉

This also means that in the next 6-8 months, you want to accumulate as many coins you can to profit as much as possible, and this is done in one or two ways, you can invest more of your own money, or you can build the network, earn huge comission and invest for free with the 40% mandatory 😉

The more coins you have, the higher the total value you will have as the coins rises in value meaning bigger profits. Make sure you secure yourself your piece of the coins before someone else does it 😉

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity before we go public, we are incredibly lucky to be a part of this, I personally can’t wait to see us go public next year 👏👏👏👏 let’s use the time right guys, lets build big 


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  1. Please I’m new here and I will want to invest in this beautiful and we’ll planed company.. But please I don’t know were and how to get starting. Like I said I’m new here and I have spent the last 1:30mint doing and dining out some much needed facts about this company and she market and I find it to be a well deserved place for me to invest in so I’m down for it.. Please how can I get start..

    1. Oh usha…..
      Is not really serious business to post your Link as a comment on other people postings.
      If you want to learn how to do Business serious, feel free to contact me.

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