SWISSCOIN QUICK GUIDE- Steps On How To Mine With SwissCoin

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How to mine with SwissCoin ?


This is a Quick Guide to getting started with SwissCoin Mining.



1. Step:

Create Your Free Account or Login to your existing Account !

Follow this Link:

Sign Up and create your free Account.

SwissCoin Login



SwissCoin User Registration

Fill Out your:

  • User Name

  • E-mail

  • Country

  • Create Your Password

  • Confirm Your Password

„Accept the Terms…“

Press „Submit“

If you did everything right, you will see this page with your registration data :

(I recommend to print it out or make a screenshot and keep it at a safe place for the case you forgot your passwords)

SwissCoin Registration Confirmation


Scroll Down and click the Login Button

SwissCoin Login



2. Step

Now The SwissCoin Dashboard will appear :

SwissCoin Dashboard


Go to „Basic Data“ in the left main menu and select „My Data


Click on „Edit Account

SwissCoin Edit Account

Fill out the missing Datas….

Scroll down to the end of the page and click „Update Profile

SwissCoin Update Profile


3. Step

Buying Packs


Click on „Shop“ in the left main menu and select „Buying Packs


SwissCoin Buying Packs


Purchase your Pack by clicking on „Add To Cart

Then click on „My Cart“ and select „Checkout

SwissCoin Checkout Cart


At the next page select your payment method and follow the instructions….

SwissCoin Payment Method

Depending by the payment method it can take a few days till the money appears in your E-Wallet…


Now I wish you very much success with SwissCoin !!!




4. Step


Share your Link and promote your Business !!

Build a big Team and earn big commissions.

You can find your Referral-Link in the main menu. Go to „Basic Data“ and select „My Data„…

SwissCoin Referral Link


Copy Your „Replication Link“ and share it with your friends and business partners.

I hope this little Guide will help you to make a quick start with SwissCoin.




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