SwissCoin Splitindicator is growing- Getting started with SwissCoin Mining

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The Splitindicator of SwissCoin is growing….


What does it mean with the Splitindicator ?


SwissCoin Splitindicator



As soon as the Splitindicator reached 100%, the next Split will happen and the Mining of the SwissCoin will reach the next Level of Mining…


…and the price of the Coins will grow. Already in 2016 a price about 0,30€ is expected.

In 2017 a price about 1,00€

In 2018 a price about 2,50€

In 2019 a price about 5,00€

In 2020 a price about 10,00€ or more !!!


Your Tokens will be activated and start mining and build new Coins….


SwissCoin Review and Expectation

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swisscoin quick guide

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