SwissCoin Token – How does the SwissCoin Mining work ?

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How does the SwissCoin Mining work and how about SwissCoin Token ?


With purchasing Training Packs (Investment Packs) from SwissCoin you’ll receive your Token depending on the Package you get up to 200.000 Token.


Here is a overview about the Packages :

SwissCoin Token





The Mining of the Coins happens in „SPLITS“, then your Token get changed to SwissCoins.

A SPLIT is a level of producing a limited amount of coins. As soon as this amount is reached the next SPLIT will start to producing (mining) coins.

With every new Split it is more complicated to produce new coins, that means the price will grow up. The price of the Coins will grow and the price for the Token as well.

That means now in the beginning of the Mining the price is very low and the best point to get started.

You can buy Token for a cheap price and start to produce your Coins.

At the Moment the Price for one coin is just €0,08, but it will grow up fast. Till end of 2016  a price about €0,30 is expected !!!

SwissCoin Review and Expectation

In a few days the next Split will happen !!


swisscoin review

In Split 1 you will receive 1 Coin for every Token you bought with your Packs !!!



It will never be same cheap to buy Token again !!

Imagine you had bought BitCoins when they get started for just a few cents. Now you would get $500 for one Coin !!!

Same can happen with SwissCoin very soon.

The advantage of SwissCoin is, that the mining is much more cheap than the mining of BitCoins, because there were produced already so much BitCoins and as I told you, with every step (Split) the mining is getting more expensive…

Start as soon as possible !!!

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swisscoin review

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6 thoughts on “SwissCoin Token – How does the SwissCoin Mining work ?

  1. Thanks a lot for this informative article about swisscoin. I have just got the 100 free coins ! It is great – could you please write a tutorial how to bring the Tokens to the mining process?

  2. Have gotten my free 100swisscoin but dont know how to proceed with maintaining my Acc…. Need to learn more abt how to buy swisscoin and how to make payment and how to make profit and when to make the profit….. pls never mind if i could have a direct contact with who could help me to start working on my future …… Swisscoin

  3. Hi dear support my name is Ernest Maapola,i would like to know how can I make profit,how can I make deposit,how long does it takes e.g period.long term and short term.

    1. Hello, there are many ways to make profit…
      Investments starts from 25€ ….
      I would not recommend to invest for short term, because cryptocurrency will always grow. So the longer you wait, the more you will earn.
      The coins will go public for trading in August 2017.

      You can create a free account and have a look inside to the Backoffice, you will find all required Information inside the Backoffice…

      You can create a free account here:

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