What You Should Know About Paid Traffic Sources

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Today I want to talk (write) about paid traffic sources:

  • Paid Advertising

  • Buying Traffic

  • Email Follow Up

  • Autoresponder

  • Landing Page



In this industry is all about traffic and advertising. We want to promote our products, so we need people who are interested in and at least join our Business.

Social Medias are a great opportunity to generate traffic for free, by connecting with other like minded people, build relations and build partnerships.

The top sources are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and much more.

Most of us use this free tools, but you can also use paid advertising. With this paid advertising you can exactly targeting the customers you are looking for. You can specify your targeted Group by the area, makes sense to post an ad in english language only to people who speak english, right ?
You can also specify the gender, age, their interests and much more.

That sounds pretty cool, but this outsourcing is really not that easy as it looks like. To get good results you need experience with that and you must know how to use keywords and the right description of your ad.
Your Goal is not only to get as many clicks at possible, you want that interested people click your ad, connect with you and at least buy your product or join your business.

But you can find help for this, if you ask google. There are many good videos on YouTube as well. If you are interested in this way of advertising, you should study it very well, or you will waste a lot of money.

For a beginner it is better to buy the traffic from a Traffic- or SoloAd vendor.

But like in all businesses there are Good and Bad guys.

The Good Guy has usually a very big email list, if he is very good, this lists are sorted by interests of the people behind the email address. He does advertising as  well, looking for new interested people. His ads let people know what they have to expect before they click and fill out the form with name and email.
His emails he send out to this people also describe, that behind the link is a business opportunity.

The Bad Guy may have a big list of email addresses too, but for him is only important to get as many email addresses as possible.
So he promise something in his ads what has absolutely nothing in common with the business we want to promote when buying traffic from him.

i.e.: He offers the iPhone 7 for a very cheap price and when people sign in they get directed to your Page where you are looking for people who are interested in your business. Many people will subscribe, but at least that are people who are looking for something completely different, than a online business opportunity.

Another problem is that many of this bad vendors have no own email list. They buy traffic for a cheap price from other vendors. Most of this lists are many years old or bots. Bots means that are no human people, they use software or fill in manually emails. Some emails are not existing. That are fantasy email addresses.

If you ordered already some of this cheap Traffic, you may have a very high optin rate (that is the percentage of sign ins you got off all clicks), but when you send out mails to them…. Nothing, no-one opens your mails. And you may have much undeliverable email addresses.

The guys who do a good job with their traffic, clean up their lists regularly . They have very big email lists and autoresponders with hundred of thousands email addresses are very expensive. So it is in their interest to delete old addresses, to safe money.
They are generating daily thousands of new targeted traffic with people who are looking for what you offer.

If you want to buy traffic you will see it starts from $0.30 / click and goes up to $1.50 and more….

My experience is that good traffic starts from $0.75, everything below is like playing lottery. Even it is possible to get really good traffic for less, but how to find them ?
You won’t know before testing. And with testing cheap traffic, you can waste very much money.

OK, imagine you found a good vendor.

What else must I’m looking for ?

Many people who are new in this business and buy their first traffic, send it directly to the company page where they want to sell the product or make people join the business.

That is waste of money !!!

You need an autoresponder, where you collect the email addresses and follow them up with your emails.

Most people do NOT buy or join at first sight. Most will have a look for it, maybe visit the page again, if they think it could be interesting, but there are so many pages and sooner or later they will forget your web address.

So you have to „remind“ them about your offer to come back to your pages and buy.

The sense of buying traffic is to build your own list. There will be many people who may not like that product you promoted in your campaign, but maybe he is interested in something else you promote.

This follow up is very important to build a relationship to your customer. In every email you send out, there should be links of your social media pages to connect with them.
Doing Business is finding people with same interests, get connected with them, build a relationship which make them trust you…People who trust you follow you and sooner or later they will join your business.

To build this relationship it is important, that you not only send mails where you offer your Business. Best way to make them trust you is by give them something for free. People love to get something for free.
Give them INFO for free.

Talk about your Business and how you made it run.

Tell them about problems you have solved as you get started.

Tell them how that Business has changed your life.

Send them content like this, what you are just reading.

Be authentic. Don’t try to be a superstar if you not really are. Show them that you have been at the same point when getting started.

In everything you do, you must testing and collect statistic datas….

Landing Page programs have usually a A/B testing. That means you have 2 versions (or more) of a Landing Page where you offer same thing, but different.
You program shows you the statistics. And you see which page is converting better.

Do same with your emails, soon you will see what people make to click your Link.

There are many Autoresponder and Landing Pages programs with a free Trial for one month. I recommend to use that free Trial and do the provided Training. One of my Autoresponders is GetResponse, it come with this one month free trial too.

Even you think at the moment you don’t need an autoresponder right now, do the Training. It is for free and after one month you will lose the access to that account, but if you decide to go on later, you can reopen that account and go on as a paid member.

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