Why You Should Always Keep Your Email Lists Clean

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It is vital that you keep your email lists clean!

As you build up your lists, the sad fact of life is that you will end up with some bad, or non working email addresses in there.

Why You Should Always Clean Your Email Lists

Here’s some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to keep your email list as clean as possible:

– Many surfers are wise and recognize a squeeze page when they see one. They know your list is single optin, and all they have to do to get through to your offer page is enter any old email address – and not a legit one either.

– People often dump their older email addresses and get new ones – especially if they are being hit with a lot of content from email marketers 😉

– Domains that email addresses are on expire then don’t get renewed.

– More often than not, especially if you are using multiple squeeze pages – people will optin twice, or several times to your list, resulting in duplicates of the same email address in your autoresponder.

– If you are constantly sending out mails from one domain people can and will hit the ‘spam’ button in their email clients for your mails – meaning no matter how good your swipes are, they are going straight into junk.

– People on your list just stop opening the mails you send them altogether.


All of the above and other reasons have the same result – like it or not – over time you WILL end up with some bad email addresses on your list(s).



What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your List

So, now you know why you should clean your email lists… Here’s what could actually happen if you don’t keep them in good shape:

– Your autoresponder bounce rate will increase due to emails being sent to non-working addresses.

If this gets too high Aweber, Get Response, or whichever autoresponder company you use won’t like it. They could do a review of your account, or even worse, shut it down altogether.

email list - bounce rate

–  The more emails you have on your list – the higher your monthly auto responder bill!

While paying autoresponder costs shouldn’t be a problem by the time you reach 25,000 subscribers, when you first start out building your list(s) every penny counts! The fact remains – having subscribers on your list(s) costs YOU money – and like any business expense, the lower that monthly payment is the better.

email list - subscriber

If your list is half full of dud, non working email addresses, you might as well be setting money on fire.

– Your list will be less ‘responsive.’ If you are sending out 1,000 emails and only 10 people are opening them, this is of course bad. You are paying for those 1,000 email addresses to be on your list and hardly anyone is opening what you send them, let alone generating any clicks.

This also looks bad to your autoresponder company. They don’t like low open and click rates either.


So What Can You Do To Maintain A Clean, Responsive List?

There are many things you can do to keep your email lists in a clean, and responsive state, see this list below for some good pointers, which will help you do so:

– Consider using double optin, which means that you won’t end up with fake emails on your list. Optin% will be lower because of this, but your list will be much better quality

– Use an email validation service such as LeadSpend to clean your list.

– Periodically go through your lists and remove any email addresses that are bouncing, plus other duds.

– Every 6 months, do a review of your account. Go back and segment out any subscribers who haven’t opened an email for 3 or 6 months. Don’t delete them straight away! Just move them into a separate list for now then keep sending your mails.

Using filters like this in your autoresponder, it’s very easy to keep all your working email addresses in one place.

This will ensure open and click through rates are kept as high as possible, keeping you in good stead with whichever autoresponder company you are using.

Finally, always remember to back up your email lists at least once a month. You have paid good money or put much work in it to build up your subscribers – make sure you hang on to them!



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